Valentine’s Day Wasn’t Made For Our Kind Anyway: Your Feb 14th Soundtrack

So I’m not exactly a Valentine’s Grinch, and I like to think I’ve grown up from being Edgy and Contrarian about love. Love is pure and good, you guys!! BUT, okay, I gotta admit I still get a little thrill from doing things like spending February 14th watching “Gone Girl” (very solid choice, highly recommended). Obviously, in this aspect, I’ve shown very little character development over the years – browsing through my old 8tracks mixes (RIP) I found three or four playlists that I uploaded in February, all variations on a theme of Not Exactly Valentine’s.

Yes, but also I must acknowledge that Elephant Love Medley is a masterpiece. #NotAllSillyLoveSongs (credit)

So, for those of you who, like me, love a good cheesy love song – I karaoke the hell out of a Celine Dion! – but would welcome some alternative programming around this time of the year, here are two of my old 8tracks mixes. They’re updated, but only slightly, because I am musically Set In My Ways and honestly will not listen to anything that strays too far from my preferred genre of “could easily play in the background of a particularly significant “Grey’s Anatomy” moment”.

If you’re looking for songs about a love that’s (happily!) in the past, you’ll find some Haim, some Lorde, and some Paramore to shout-sing and shoulder-dance to. And if you want to indulge in some wine and melancholy, man have I got you covered with the second mix (original description: “a mix for love lost, love unrequited, & love gone wrong”) – sometimes you just gotta turn up that Regina Spektor and cathart.

Happy (or, uh, mildly unhappy) listening, folks! We’d also love for you to hit us up on Twitter to share your favourite Valentine’s playlist choices. Yes, even the schmaltzy love songs. No judgement!

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