The Weekly Yell: The Virtue/Moir Edition

Hi, everyone! Wow, we cried a lot about ice-skating earlier on this week, and now it seems completely tone-deaf because gun violence in America happened. Not, by any means, to trivialise school shootings (because seriously, what the fuck), but hanging out on Twitter really fucks with your sense of time, magnitude, geography and scale, yes? This is especially when you exist outside of the US, as we do, and when this is the week of the Chinese New Year, which is a big deal o’er here in these parts. You know what: let’s revisit the joy of the Olympics first. Onward!


THIS WEEK I DISCOVERED TESSA VIRTUE AND SCOTT MOIR. I know I’m like several years behind the curve and I don’t care. I want to draw hearts all over their names. If you don’t know who they are, they are world champion Olympic gold medallist Canadian ice-dancers who just competed in the Winter Olympics. (Three days ago NONE of these words in the previous sentence were in my vocabulary.) They are, like, in love. Either they are very good at acting or either of them would set a city ON FIRE for each other. I am all about that unchoreographed tender hair tuck, casual hand-holding, spectacular lift, CASUAL WARM-UP KISSING, and Moir helping Virtue on and off ice rink dividers. I am all about interviews where Scott talks about holding Tessa’s hand as the thing that brings him the most joy and seeing her for the first time in her competitive costume as if she is his BRIDE. WHATEVER. I’m furious. Thanks a lot to my friends T and C for their enabling. Where is my 10,000 word ship manifesto? Surely Tumblr has written it. – K

Me kissing any semblance of chill I ever had goodbye. -K

OK, actual content time. Here, in lieu of my ship manifesto, is a spectacular set of Tessa/Scott gifs. Here is an article that straight-up plagiarised our group chats (side note: fanning vernacular is super-specific and we can identify fandom natives from non-fandom natives a mile away. WE SEE YOU, CARI ROMM). You can literally Google “Tessa Virtue Scott Moir” and be awash in articles published in REAL, LEGITIMATE NEWSPAPERS like these ones. – K

T: I’m jumping in here to tell y’all to please enjoy these texts K sent us over the course of one (1) Virtue/Moir routine:

k: are they not dating?

is this a Leo/Kate situation?

wow eye contact

they’re grasping each other’s faces

this is extremely romantic

I feel like I have to keep pausing through this routine

they’re embracing each other for long moments now

what’s happening

they hold hands very casually as if they do it ALL the time



I’m now angry

In other ice skating news (’tis the season, after all!) I am delighted by, and so incredibly proud of, Mirai Nagasu, who landed the third-ever triple axel by a woman at the Olympics (the first by an American woman!). I don’t follow sports at all, and my knowledge of skating honestly comes solely from cinematic classic “Ice Princess” and aforementioned intense feelings about Virtue/Moir, but every Olympics I am overcome with the grace and strength and joy and power of young women. Mirai also tweeted Reese Witherspoon to say she wished she was her mom, which is deeply adorable; and she mentioned that her very Asian Parent dad texted that he was proud of her (“I was like, screenshot!”), which made me cry. Sports, you guys! – T

Mirai-culous. (credit)

17 year old Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim is an absolute delight (on winning: “I was trying so hard to hold the tears back, cause I was like, ‘I can’t cry right now, I can’t do this, I worked so hard on my eyeliner.'”) Her dad is even more delightful. I totally bawled at his laminated homemade sign, his Asian Dad-ness and above all, at his palpable pride when he called her his American dream.


Everything Else That Isn’t The Olympics

On Valentine’s Day Sarah Kay and a few other poets offered to recommend poetry to fit people’s specific requests. The tweets are collected under the #poetryRx hashtag, and they are wonderful, the requests in their own ways as interesting as the poems, a collection of all the things you might feel or want around this time of year: “Familiar love that is wonderful but also terribly boring at times”; “something super queer”; “feeling too little and wanting to get back to feeling too much”. And there are so many poems to (re)discover. You’ll want to spend time finding your own favourites, but here are two of mine: Matthew Olzmann’s “Mountain Dew Commercial Disguised as a Love Poem” and Lisa Olstein’s “Dear One Absent This Long While”. (Side note: C and I went to a Sarah Kay show once, and she saw us after to take a photo, commented on how well-dressed we were, and called us “fly ladies”. I hold this memory triumphantly close on bad days.) – T

I haaaate catching feelings but I sure am a sap when it comes to celebrating love! This Valentine’s, Frank Ocean blessed us with an ethereal cover of “Moon River”, dedicated to all your Huckleberry friends. Pair with this comic by local artist Aida/@yellowmushmellow that reminds us love comes in many forms. – C

Whatever your feelings are about Lena Dunham, this very personal essay she wrote about having a hysterectomy due to her endometriosis is undeniably powerful and heartbreaking. – C

Our favourite band of heartbreak and renewal, Stars, retweeted us not once but twice, sending us into a tizzy. Predictably, we yelled.


Doggo of the Week

If you’ve never met Maple, I’d like to introduce you. Please enjoy:

That’s it from us. ‘Til next time!

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