The Weekly Yell: The Skincare Discourse Edition

First things first, y’all, how did that lunar eclipse on Wednesday work out for you? Any major upheavals, declarations of romances, finite endings, or at least a grainy phone photo of the moon? This week: Teresa Teng, Kpop videos, and Hayao Miyazaki. Put on your sunscreen, kids!

Skincare Discourse

If there is one legacy I have left behind in my short time on God’s green Earth, it is to successfully yell at everyone into moisturising and using sunscreen. Whatever your feelings are towards the beauty industry (is it capitalist?? Anti-feminist??), I don’t think anyone can deny the science behind skincare. Sooo obviously this article purporting that skincare is a con (!!!) made me clutch my serums in indignant fury. This response defends skincare in a far more articulate manner than me (me: I’M SORRY I’M GONNA DIE WITH GLOWY SKIN AND YOU’LL HAVE THE SKIN OF A RHINO’S BUTT), and this article offers an explanation as to why skin is in, besides the scientific benefits. Highly recommended to read while sheet masking. – C

Film / TV

This article about the gods and spirits of Hayao Miyazaki’s fantasy worlds is worth a read if you’re a Miyazaki fan – it’s comprehensive, well-researched, and knowledgeably anchored in Japanese folklore. There is a paragraph on the complicated association of a powerful yet sympathetic woman with technology, destruction and industrialisation in “Princess Mononoke” that I love, and another paragraph on how children in Miyazaki films see more (spiritually speaking), because they assume less. (Couple that last bit with this Twitter thread about the creepy things children say for a nice spine-tingle. Kids are freaky. Sleep well.) -K

I think about Chihiro buying a ticket to get on a train to nowhere in “Spirited Away” all the time. But my FAVOURITE Miyazaki film is “Howl’s Moving Castle”. Discuss? -K (credit)

This is a long-overdue yell about “Schitt’s Creek”, which I, while being sporadic-verging-on-terrible about my TV show catchups, feel confident asserting is one of the best shows on television right now. The reductive summary is that it is a riches-to-rags comedy, and the truth is that it has all the warmth and heart and pitch-perfect humour of “Parks and Rec”, and the added benefit of Catherine O’Hara’s inexplicable, impeccable comic timing (if your life isn’t changed by the way she pronounces “enchilada” or “baby”, write to me and I will refund you your time and money. Seriously.). Just watch this no-context video and try to tell me you’re not mesmerised! -T


The Angry Asian Man’s reimagination of the Baby-Sitters Club series constructs an AU of stories which might have actually existed in BSC-verse had it paid actual attention to Claudia Kishi’s Asian-American identity. It is great, great, great, and makes me want to blog us through a re-read of the BSC series. Side note: I hated Kristy, and now I am Kristy. How the turntables. Order! ORDER! -K

Oh, MAN, this Captain Awkward advice column is a doozy. It can be summarised as “my fiance is a brilliant!ideas!guy, but does absolutely no follow-through, so I make reservations, pay upfront, and work out the logistics of everything in our relationship. Also, he says he wants to get me an engagement ring, so I got excited and did a bit of research and showed him what I liked, and now he’s mad at me for wanting one, because it might actually require him to do something. What?” Reader, DO NOT MARRY HIM (YET). The Captain’s advice is, as always, spot-on. -K

Pop Culture

Janelle Monáe wore this floral, fitted-like-a-dream suit to the Grammys. I am yet to recover. -T

I mean, LOOK at her. (credit)

Also, I am a total Kpop Fake Fan, in that I only care about f(x) and assorted girl group videos that revolve around destroying men (a surprising, impressive number). But man, you guys, can I yell (belatedly) about Sunmi’s “Heroine”? She is distressingly beautiful, the video is the kind of start-to-finish gorgeous that makes me think of my fave SYTYCD routines, and I’ve been humming the song for days now. As an addition, if you haven’t watched this video of Gashina, y’all are all welcome in advance. -T

On 29th Jan, Google dedicated the loveliest Google Doodle to Teresa Teng on what would have been her 65th birthday. If you speak Mandarin/are familiar with Chinese culture, you would definitely have heard of some of her greatest hits, including “The Moon Represents My Heart”, a nostalgic tune that rings sweet and simple and true to this day. Here’s a quick intro to Teresa Teng and her significance to a generation of Chinese migrants, and this Twitter thread by Eileen Chow pays tribute to Teresa Teng song memories. Also, thanks to that thread, I discovered a lil’ bit of movie magic where song perfectly complements scene (with bonus baby Maggie Cheung!) -C


Speaking of the moon, we hope y’all managed to catch the #SuperBlueBloodMoon on 31st Jan!!! Isn’t nature magical? K’s tweet says it best. -C


Doggo of the Week

Crusoe helps his human dig a garden. Watch this for a shot of joy that will feel pure and absolute. -K

That’s all, folks! Until next week. MOISTURISE!

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