The Weekly Yell: The #Oprah2020 Edition

The Weekly Yell is our regular round-up of stuff we had a lot of feelings about. As 2018 kicked off, we had varied, specific emotions regarding:


Okay, to start off, excuse me while I generously bend the definition of pop culture and support my inclusion of this article on The Millions about the em dash. I am a passionate supporter of the dashes, both em and en – clipped punctuation is for, like, Hemingway, and knowing exactly how your sentence is going to end is for people even more Type A than I am, which frankly takes some work. On this blog we are all fans of the sidenote and the digression! I’ll shut up now and let you read this ode to my favourite punctuation mark. – T

I was also struck by this incredible story about the love that developed between the widowed spouses of Paul Kalanithi and Nina Riggs (both of whom wrote memoirs about their terminal illnesses before their deaths). You will, in a literal sense, read this and weep. – T


Oprah’s speech at the Golden Globes. I haven’t cried over a speech ever since… 2016, when the US presidential elections were happening and Hillary Clinton/the Obamas made you believe that the world would not become a dumpster fire hellscape. Clearly, I was wrong and we’ve been living in an AU since then but this speech ignited a lil flame of hope in my cold, empty heart that there are still good people in this world, and we’ll fight and speak our truth and eventually, everything will be all right. Nothing but respect for MY president  #Oprah2020 – C

Speaking of the Globes and awards season, aka the most wonderful time of the year, we also need to discuss (preferably in capslock) how TALL Laura Dern is. Like, she’s so tall, you guys. Her acceptance speech at the Globes was wonderful and made me cry and you should definitely watch it, but equally important are all the photos of how she has to accept awards from her TOWERING, GORGEOUS STATURE!! – T

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On a less inspiring but equally incredible note, this video of Gillian Anderson on James Corden, y’allThere is no way this blog is going to exist for very long without my Long Essays About My Love For Gillian Anderson, so we might as well start with this: Kate McKinnon used to worship Gillian and now they’re in a movie together and Gillian knows Kate idolised her! Gillian’s pronunciation of Budapest will undo any chill you might think you possessed! Her accent wavers endearingly between British and American, and Sally Hawkins looks on admiringly throughout, and by the end of this video if you don’t have AT LEAST ten intense feelings about Gillian then you are a stronger person than I have ever known!!! – T


HSM 4 (gif credit)
  • I watched this because Zac Efron is in it and in the trailer he makes his High School Musical “Bet On It” face, which, like, he’s thirty at this point but I still want him to loft me gently above the rooftop of my high school as a sudden summer shower delights us both and then I touch his face lovingly as he spins me in his arms, whatever, it’s not like I think about this in detail
  • Anyway the best part of this movie is when Hugh Jackman carries Zefron out of a burning building in his giant Wolverine arms and then lays him down tenderly on the pavement
    • I don’t care if I spoiled you, just picture it and thank me later, you’re probably not gonna watch it anyway
  • Also the best part of this movie was Zendaya and Zefron putting their faces so close together. It’s so much… guys. They’re both so beautiful. It’s so much.
  • I also have Hmmm, Thoughts about how the circus, composed of “freaks” and black people, was quite explicitly adopting a pride aesthetic in their performances
    • Like, it was super queer-coded, is it just me?
    • What I mean by this is that it was kinda like a 2-hour Lady Gaga music video, shot during her Little Monsters phase?
    • Did anyone else feel like it was a sort of empty, cheap, sleight-of-hand celebration of diversity without actually centering or paying narrative attention to anyone that wasn’t P.T. Barnum?
    • It’s kind of lazy to fall back on the easy narrative vocabulary of queer pride parade as “diversity celebration!” aesthetic?
    • Like, you know, a lot of glitter, sequins and one (1) empowering “circus freaks” song for the feel goodz
    • In conclusion, the movie should really have starred Keala Seattle as the bearded lady
    • Gentle reader, tell me your thoughts!!!! – K

Pop Culture Gossip

Jack Antonoff and Lena Dunham reportedly broke up, which is…whatever. I only mentioned it because it brought us this gem on our Whatsapp chat:

K: jack as in antonoff??? was he dating lena? I am not up to date

T: yes yes they were together for ages! you r in love is about them apparently

C: but now they r not in love

T: “pauses then says / we’re not best friends”


T: suddenly a breakup song

BUT ALSO, our fave Internet entity ONTD has a thread discussing the meaning of Taylor Swift’s “You R In Love” (allegedly about the couple), which inevitably devolved into an analysis of the true nature behind Tay Tay’s and her best muse Harold Style’s relationship. I am TOTALLY Here For This conspiracy theory. – C



I’m sorry this picture of my child is potato-like in quality but JUST LOOK AT HIS FACE!!!! In case you’re wondering, no he is not wearing a poop hat – it’s a cornet hat, which Google tells me is a cream-filled cone dessert in Japan. I LOVE JAPAN!!! – C


[Glee pre-episode voice] and that’s what you (might have) missed this week!

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