The Weekly Yell: The Kids Are All Right Edition

This week, in the middle of the chaos that is our world right now, we are reminded that beauty and hope and goodness are still with us. We salute the youths marching for their lives for their courage, strength, and excellent use of memes in disarming their opponents.


Head to Kate Clanchy’s Twitter to read poems by 15-year-old students which will astonish you. This one has some splendid trick nursery rhyme Wendy Cope vibes, and!!! the artful lack of a full stop in this one!!! The kids are better than all right. -K

Speaking of the kids being all right, I’ve been astounded and awed and in tears over everything surrounding the remarkable March For Our Lives. Emma González holding long minutes of silence in the middle of her speech is probably the most powerful political moment I’ve been alive to witness – and then there’s eleven-year-old Naomi Wadler’s poised, searing speech about representing African-American girls, and MLK Jr.’s granddaughter leading a cheer. Everybody likes to talk about how the kids are our future, but, you guys, they’re our present too – look at them leading the way with grace and power and focus, right now. -T


I no longer care about any of OK Go’s music videos (I lie) except for the one they put together for White Knuckles, which involves 3:35 minutes of dogs (and one goat) performing tricks that will have you applauding at the screen, much as I did. It’s eight years old but I just discovered it and I needed to share this with you. I love that OK Go makes videos for no other reason than delight and the satisfaction of an absurd challenge accomplished, much like how I occasionally take up cross-stitching. -K’

Addendum: Please enjoy some BTS trivia about the making of the music video. It took them 72 TAKES to get it right.

“[Talented Animals] explained to [Ok Go] that it was going to be the most difficult video with animals ever made, requiring 12 dogs and 12 trainers (and a goat) to be perfectly synchronized to pull through three minutes and thirty-six seconds of intense choreography between the canines and the four band members.We had 12 trainers, two furniture movers, 12 dogs, one goat, 38 buckets, and a bunch of furniture, all of which needed to move around and be in the right place at the right time without anyone stepping in front of camera.”


This week, Vanity Fair released their latest cover starring Lena Waithe. Waithe is an up-and-coming multi-hyphenate (writer/producer/performer), so it makes natural sense for her to be featured. But what makes this particular cover significant is the fact that Waithe is also a queer POC, which to be honest are not attributes found in the usual Vanity Fair cover star. They also included a photograph of Waithe with her fiancée – a picture that I still have open in my browser tabs because it’s such a beautiful representation of love. A storied institution like Vanity Fair making a visible move towards inclusivity and representation truly gives me hope that our media culture is slowly, but surely, changing for the better. – C

Credit: Vanity Fair

Doggo of the Week

C attended a neighbourhood dog talent show yesterday, where most of the contestants showed off their proficiency in shaking hands and balancing treats on their noses. She would have liked to award prizes to all of them, but one good boy stood above the pack. HOW DID HE DO THAT?!?

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