The Weekly Yell: The Big Little Yells Edition

We’re back after two weeks and so much has happened since then, so we have twice the Yell today! This week: MERYL STREEP, several deeply badass women, and some astrology discourse.


Ursula K. Le Guin, one of the greats of spec fic and sci-fi, has died. Here are some of her letters of note. The only book I’ve ever read of hers is “Searoad”, and I remember it making me feel homesick for a windy coastal place that I’d never been to before, so maybe this year is a good time to revisit – and discover – some of her work. -K


It was also Virginia Woolf’s birthday this week. In the triumph and the jingle and the strange high singing of some aeroplane ahead was what she loved; life; London; this moment of June. If you haven’t read her love letters to and from Vita Sackville-West, well, hop to it, so that you too can be “reduced to a thing that wants Virginia”. P.S: In case you didn’t know, there’s a movie called “Vita and Virginia” coming out later this year. Please be suffused with longing and anticipation. -K

Women Being Badass

If we’re entering an era of strange, fraught, exhausting conversations and discourse and endless thinkpieces about things that should be common sense, at least we’re also entering a time in which women are being loudly, unapologetically, and actively amazing.

I loved every take-no-shit word of Ellen Pompeo’s stunning THR interview in which she talks of being TV’s highest-paid star, and says blithely of Patrick Dempsey’s departure from Grey’s,

So, what does it look like when he leaves the show? First, it looks like a ratings spike, and I had a nice chuckle about that.

I love her, I love so much of the interview (“I’m not fuckin’ Julia Roberts”), and honestly I’m now considering picking up where I left off (uh, four seasons and multiple character deaths ago) with “Grey’s Anatomy”.

On a more serious note, I’ve been following, with a kind of wrenching awe, the Larry Nassar trials. If you can, it’s something to watch or read Aly Raisman’s brave statement, and those of the terrifying number of young girls who were also his victims. If you can’t, maybe just watch this clip of the judge throwing aside the letter Larry wrote in which he tried to paint himself as the victim in this whole situation.

Finally, this news story about Jessica Chastain tying her salary with Octavia Spencer’s on their upcoming film – so that Spencer went on to make five times her asking salary! – makes me so happy; in the face of horrific paycheck disparity it’s a great example of active allyship. – T

Film / TV

ICMYI, Kevin Kwan posted this new still from the set of Crazy Rich Asians, and we have SO many thoughts:

  • Shang Su Yi looks SO nice for someone who is about to fuck shit up
  • Nicholas looks appropriately handsome and appropriately cardboard
  • Who dressed Rachel and why does she look like she’s at a small child’s tea party??? Isn’t it weird to see Constance Wu so demure???
  • Once I went for a run in the Botanic Gardens, was seized by a stomachache, and dashed despairingly through the moneyed and lush landed properties looking for a bathroom. Did I run past Tyersall House accidentally contemplating the comfort of its marbled lavatory? I will never know.
  • This book is not perfect but we’re all obsessed with it and will be tracking the movie closely in the year to come! -K


This week I read ‘Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex’ by science writer Mary Roach, in which she sets out to find out how sex has been scientifically studied, mainly through an infallible research methodology of harassing, inveigling, and ingratiating herself with penis reparation surgeons, lab technicians and owners of dildo-making companies. It’s zippy, laugh-out-loud hilarious, full of facts you want to stun your friends with, and cheerily feminist. Roach wrestles her own husband into a laboratory to have sex with her while a whitecoated scientist holds an MRI scanner over her womb and makes small talk. She is unabashed, intrepid, conspiratorial, and, like, just read this book, it’s very, very fun. -K


Women living in the middle of the 19th century in Europe frequently died because their skirts caught on fire. I remember reading the epitaph of a woman in Highgate Cemetery in London who had died because her skirts had been lit by an open flame, and the epitaph of her sister next to her, who had tried to put the flames out but caught fire herself. Morbid, chilling, and fascinating. -K

In this house we take astrology memes very seriously. This article on astrology articulates why your TL is increasingly full of “your sign as _____” memes. My faves are the doggo ones – I, a Taurus, am a Great Dane. For me personally, I like that astrology provides us with a framework to make meaning of our lives with a touch of Romance and Mystique – our fates are literally written in the stars! It is also slightly comforting to be able to blame someone other than your sorry ass for your own personal failings – Mercury was in retrograde ok?!!!?? -C

T: friends would y’all like to know your signs as kitchen utensils

C: Omg let me guess
I’m a soup spoon

T: K ur a wire whisk, says astropoets. C ur a wooden spoon
K ur a can opener rising which sounds so right

What about u

T: I’m a colander
1000% for Cancer they just think “what can I link to crying”


Big Little Yells

I like to think they’re all thinking about Meryl rn. (credit)

Presented without comment. Bring it, S2! – C & T

C: meryl streep in big little lies 2??!??!?????!!


C: she’s gonna play perry’s mum

T: now all they have to do is cast julianne moore and it’s basically the cast of my dreams


And that’s all for this week’s yells, folks!

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