The Weekly Yell: The 90th Oscars Edition

Last week, we bid goodbye to 2018 Awards Season with the 90th Oscars. We’ll miss armchair spectating all the fabulous dresses and award winners, so we decided to dedicate this edition to our Oscar Opinions!

Awards Season

T: Okay I have FIVE THOUSAND awards season thoughts, of course, but let’s start with my nominees for Best Picture at the Oscars:

Let’s everybody take a moment (or two, or five…)
Now, as K would say, ONWARD!

The Show

Firstly, let me point out that I woke up at 5:15 AM for the awards (hashtag dedication, hashtag timezones). Anyway, what did we all think? This wasn’t the angriest I’ve ever been (Jenlaw winning over Emmanuelle Riva), nor the most delighted (Hugh Jackman’s musical monologue!), but I think the show did well, especially during a cultural moment when excessive self-congratulation or navel-gazing might be particularly distasteful. I liked that the show rechannelled its nostalgia by celebrating incredible people who’ve been working in Hollywood for years – my room’s jaws collectively dropped at the divine Eva Marie Saint; I’m still not over Rita Moreno wearing the same dress she wore to the ceremony in 1962 (meanwhile I’ve lost a pen I had sitting on my desk yesterday); and James Ivory’s win was such an emotional moment, and a long time coming.

Rita Moreno, godDAMN. (credit)

This was also a strong year in general, and I managed to catch quite a few of the films beforehand, which hasn’t happened in a while. Although several awards felt inevitable – I called all the acting wins – there were still some surprises, and, for once, mostly good ones! My room screamed when Jordan Peele won for Original Screenplay, and although I really wanted Greta Gerwig to win Best Director and my personal pick for Best Picture might just have been “Phantom Thread”, I can’t say I was disappointed in seeing Guillermo Del Toro’s vision so rightly celebrated. Can we also take a moment to bow down (metaphorically or literally, you do you) to Allison Janney accepting her award by saying “I did it all myself”?

Love you, CJ Cregg. (credit)

Beyond that, there were some great moments: Oscar Isaac’s joy over “Coco”‘s win; Daniela Vega making history as the first trans presenter at the Oscars, and the film she starred in “A Fantastic Woman”, winning Best Foreign Film. As always, my reaction to these milestones is equal parts “thank goodness for progress” and “yikes @ this incremental step and the fact that it has taken so long”, but, you know, I’ll take what I can get.

C: Truth be told, I was pleasantly surprised at the critical reception for nominated films like “Lady Bird” and “Get Out”, because for so long Best Film nominee often meant movies about a) dead politicians/historical figures b) War and Other Serious Business or c) (White) Man’s Inner Turmoil. It felt a little foreign for me to see a female-centric, coming-of-age story be universally lauded, considering how often they’ve dismissed similar films in the past (I’ve heard good things about “Edge of Seventeen” for example, but nobody’s nominating it for an Oscar). As T said, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that things will improve from this point onward. Can’t wait till Greta Gerwig wins her first Oscar!

On that note, this GIF perfectly summed up how I felt about the 90th Oscar winners:

You get an Oscar! YOU get an Oscar! EVERYBODY GOT AN OSCAR!!! (and none for Lady Bird, bye)

One last thing, no matter how you felt about “The Shape of Water”, this poster is A R T.

The Loox

T: Y’all, there were some good dresses at this year’s ceremony! The Cut, bless them, have a list of every look at the red carpet and the Fug Girls’ coverage is always comprehensive and a joy. We can’t resist giving you our Opinions, though! I think our collective fave might be Queen Nicole: I think she looks like a very expensively-wrapped present; K compared her to some kind of modern building; and C pointed out that she’s wearing the kind of blue Miranda Priestley would deliver a monologue about. In short, we’re fans. I also can’t stop thinking about Betty Gabriel’s dreamy dress (and how good she was in “Get Out” – she deserved a nom, imo!). And, finally, Taraji P. Henson’s red carpet look is always a variation on a theme of Extremely Ready To Murder You, and I’m always extremely into it:

C: Here at The Kaya Toast, we automatically stan for Colour and Drama. T’s picks are on point as always, but LUPITA NYONG’O THOUGH!!! Behold:


Lupita herself captioned it “Vibranium for Versace”, which says it all really. I love the nod to “Black Panther” with the epaulette detail, and the overall “Warrior Princess” vibes she’s got going on – she is strong and sexy and feminine and graceful and out-of-this-world STUNNING in this look. We are truly not worthy.

International Women’s Day

Last week, we also celebrated International Women’s Day, which somehow has become a shallow celebration of feminism (Read: Non-subtle cash grab attempts and tone-deaf empty gestures). Capitalism ruins everything! Nonetheless, it is still an important day. Teen Vogue wrote an excellent summary of the historical context behind International Women’s Day (it’s anti-capitalist cough cough), and Sarah Kay shared her poem “The Type” to remind us that women are wonderfully and fearfully made, and that men are potatoes. – C


Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club pick for the month is Balli Kaur Jaswal’s “Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows” – Singapore represent! I loved the book, which is warm and wicked and funny, and lowkey want Reese to option it for film and then cast Archie Panjabi in it. Reese, if you’re reading this… -T

I also want to highlight this fundraising campaign by a female-Singaporean director, Tan Siyou, for her project “Ahma in the Bardo” as part of the prestigious AFI Directing Workshop for Women (Notable alumni: Patty Jenkins!!). “Ahma in the Bardo” promises to be “A short film between life and death, heaven and earth, Singapore and America, grandma and granddaughter. And a turtle.”, whichis a description that makes me cry. They’ve already reached their initial goal and are now looking to reach their stretch goal, so do show your support for South-East Asian women directors! (and so that the Straits Times can toot our own horn even more when the film is released) – C

Doggo of the week

K was coached by a Volleyball legend last week! She kindly shared some snaps of this Very Good Boy:

And that’s all folks! As always, yell your feelings @ us on our Twitter, we’d love to hear from you!

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