The Kaya Toast is a pop culture commentary blog set up by three friends who enjoy furious capslocking in text message group chats. On any given day we’re sharing dog pics, trying to adult, and begrudgingly paying attention to Taylor Swift.

If you wanna get a sense of who we are, we have previously been known as That’s So Pure, Sorry Not Sorry, Nathan Hartono Sucks*, and Must Love Dogs.

*Ironically meant, but if Hartono’s PR people would like to put us in touch with him personally, like, on a face-to-face basis, to clear up this matter, we’d be happy to entertain requests.
Amy Santiago, a character from Brooklyn 99, says, "No, stop that! I know how to kiss; I've read books," to Gina, while looking annoyed.

Kellynn Wee grew up on the Internet (specifically, in fandom). She likes stuff about mortality, memory, and female friendships. She works in academia and dreams of being an Internet anthropologist.

Ascendant sign: so, so Virgo.

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Tara Srinivasan is good at existential crises, early-onset nostalgia, and quoting 90s/00s romcoms. She once picked up an X Files videotape out of the trash (she does not own a VCR).

Very Cancer sun, very Scorpio moon.

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Cathlin Anabella has a PHD in celebrity gossip (home-schooled by US Weekly and Internet gossip blogs). She is cheap, cheerful and a cute mess.

Too chill to be a real Taurus.